Let’s develop us personal account and track the status of your shipments like West Tech Shipping.


Our Services

Receive, ship, & clear packages:

Shop online at your favorite sites and just ship your goods to our address. We will then ship directly to you and clear your package through Customs.

Package consolidation:

If you have multiple packages coming from different vendors then we can consolidate all packages into one shipment for you for a low fee. And we will only consolidate your packages if you ask us to.

Use of credit cards:

If you need us to, we can place your orders online using our credit card for a fee. You can easily track your package online and via our mobile app.

Package delivery:

If you have a busy schedule and you are not able to pick up your packages at one of our office locations, we can deliver your packages to your home or office.

Sign Up for Account:

On the home page menu of our website click Register or click the “Sign Up” button on any page. There you will enter your contact info and select your preferred pickup location. After signing up, you will receive an activation link via the email address you signed up with; activate your account. You will then receive another email with your unique account ID and US shipping address which you will use at check out when ordering.


Shipping Address:

The shipping address can also be used for friends and relatives to send you packages. Further, the address can be used if you have traveled and would like to send items down ahead of you or would like to avoid overweight charges on your airline. West Tech Shipping covers all costs associated with having a US mailbox so you can shop and ship with ease.

Five shipments per week:

We have shipments coming in every week. We offer one weekly sea freight.

Track your package online:

You can easily track your package online and via our mobile app.

Multiple locations:

We have multiple locations where you can receive packages and/or place your orders.

Delivery service:

For a very small fee we can deliver your package to your place of work.

Most competitive rates:

We have most competitive rates guaranteed.

Friendly staff:

Our very friendly and knowledgeable staff is happy to assist you.


Order Process:

Our customers order from virtually any website in any country, once the vendor is able to ship or deliver packages to our US address. Please see our “Where to Shop” tab, there you will find the most common websites our customer shop from.