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With our high-Quality Web Development Services, we are providing customized Web Development solutions to the satisfaction of our clients across the globe ranging from start-ups to well-established companies looking to for high-quality web design services in India. ChicMic has established itself as a leader among web development company in India with its professional web development team.

Having an online portfolio is not only a pre-requisite from sales and productivity but also, is a necessity! With the quickly changing technology and the world, having a website is the primary thing you should get done. Seeking a wonderful Web application Development Company becomes a crucial decision this way. With a large number of Web Development Company in India, choosing one out of many is a herculean task. Making the task very easy, ChicMic is always at your services in all types of Web Development Solution doesn’t matter which platform and framework you are talking about.

We have expertise in executing custom web design services with 100% perfection & accurately matching your business necessities. Our team is expert at using new technologies to customize everything from front-end to expert back-end programming that results in a highly dynamic, fully functional and interactive web solution.

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How We Work?


Everything begins with an idea. We understand that your idea is incredible and we bring-in our expertise and experience to explore and validate your idea.


Our dedicated team of Analysts and Designers collaborate to envision, refine & elaborate your concept into a Specs document.

Plan & Strategize

Project decomposition, resource allocation, project schedule and budget are defined and stakeholder communication plan is established.

Development Cycle

Our Project Managers work closely with Design, Development & QA teams to ensure timely delivery beyond expectations.


We give full support in app deployment on all platforms, marketing assistance & growth hacking thereafter.


Based on analytics & user feedback, we quickly make changes to scale to the target audience.

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    Apps Developed

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    Clients Served

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    Million App Installs

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    Chart Topping Apps

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Why Choose ChicMic as a Web Design company?

As one of the best Website Development Company, ChicMic has successfully undertaken more than 100 projects and has created a niche for ourselves as well as our clients. We are well-equipped to make highly secured and innovative websites which can withstand high traffic without any snag. We also promise:

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Dedicated Project Managers

Our designers and developers are well aware of their techniques which are managed by experienced project managers. This team will make sure that you get your project before the deadline.

Web Development
Business-oriented software

Every bit of website which we design is Customized as per your business needs and our team always concentrates on your organisation’s objectives and benefits.

Unity 3D
Agile development

We follow the norms of agile software development, we hold regular meetings and provide you with everything on a daily basis. You have full access over the procedure.

Extended Support

Our team of website developers will make sure that you never come across any issues after completion of the project. In case you face any issue, we are just a tap away.

Web Portfolio

We have No Philosophical Statement to Offer, We Let Our Work Speak For Us ...

West tech shipping

West tech shipping

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West tech shipping

Manage your packages with West Tech Shipping. Pay all your fees through this App. We will keep on making updates to ensure that this App makes your experience with us as easy as possible. Simply order your items anywhere online or West Tech orders for you, and you can receive your packages in as little as two business days, once the packages reach our U.S warehouse.

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officecamp fire

officecamp fire

officecamp fire

Office Campfire provides online team building events through fun and strategic, multi-team and multiplayer games designed to bring teams together. It also includes an inbuilt video and audio chat feature.

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load management

load management

load management

Work Intake is developed to keep the track record for assigned tasks and jobs, where you can check all the details about the project like what is the research concept, what are the project requirements and how many persons are assigned to finish the particular task.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How safe is my idea?

Your idea is completely safe with us. We normally sign an NDA before we discuss your app idea to ensure its safety. We can even sign NCA (Non- Compete Agreement) in case that is also required from your side. We secure your information from unauthorised disclosure & access even during project development phases. Moreover, to keep your app idea in strict confidence we sign a legal agreement with our employees & ensure security.

Do you re-use code?

We do not re-use your proprietary algorithms, license keys, trade secrets, trademarks, patented processes with any other party. But, for an ideal authoring code producing process, we make use of our own & third-party open source libraries to reduce complexity & cut down the development time. This will save you from paying for things that can be produced in the shortest time duration with better quality.

What is your project development methodology?

We strive to deliver a valuable product to clients with different project ideas. In general, we have a common set of steps for all projects which includes Requirement Gathering, UI/UX Design, Prototype, App Development, Quality Assurance, Deployment, Support & Maintenance. But, for every unique project, we have a unique approach. Our project development approach may vary based on the type & scope of the project.

Who owns the app and the source code?

With regards to ownership rights, since our engagement is Work for Hire and we are getting paid for our services, you completely own all the IP related to the app developed. You own the bespoke source code that we write for you.

Do you work according to the client’s time zone?

Well, the different time zones have never stopped us working with the clients from all over the world. However, all of our development work is done by our team during our working hours. We do understand there might be situations where you want us available during your time zone. Therefore, to make it convenient, it would be great to schedule dedicated time in advance. This will let our concerned team streamline the rest of the tasks accordingly.

Which framework or programming language would you use to develop the apps?

The technology stack your apps will be based on completely depends on the platform for development & client’s preference. We are experts in developing apps for Android and iOS using the latest frameworks & programming language such as for iOS native apps, Xcode IDE with Objective C and Swift, for Android native apps, Android Studio with Java and Kotlin and for cross platform apps, Visual Studio Code with Javascript whereas for backend PHP & Node.js is used with SQL & NoSQL database.

Do you also upload the apps to the app store?

Yes, we upload your apps to app store & we do it at free of cost.

Can I make one app which would work on all platforms (like iPhone, iPad, Android)?

Yes, we have a team of React Native developers who develop cross-platform apps compatible with all platforms like iPhone, iPad and Android.

Can you use the graphics / UI which I have created?

Yes, we do not have any problem working with your designs as long as you assure the effectiveness & quality of the designs. If you have a team of designers then you can simply hire us for programming only. But if your designs will not meet our standards, then we will be honest.

I have a technical team at my end. Can you work in conjunction with them?

Yes, definitely we would love to work with your technical team. A collaboration with your team members will help both get to know each other’s requirements in detail. This will improve the quality of our app development process & help you know our technical strength.

What software do you use for 2D Graphics & 3D models for Apps?

We are experts in designing for both 2D graphics & 3D models. For 2D graphics, our designers use a combination of software including Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch, Affinity and Corel Suites to create a stunning visualisation. In addition, we’ve a team of 3D Animators that use software like Autodesk Maya, Zbrush & Substance Brush for all genre of apps.


Your ideas are completely safe with us as we sign non-disclosure agreements before we get started.