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LiDAR, or Light Detection and Ranging, is an active remote sensing technology that uses light in the form of a pulsed laser to measure variable distances. The tech works on the principle of lighting up the target object with a pulsed laser and measuring the time it takes for the light to return after hitting an object. LiDAR systems can generate precise, three-dimensional information about the shape, size, and surface characteristics of objects and terrain features.

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Basic Components of LiDAR Systems

A typical LiDAR system consists of the following main components:



It generates the pulsed light sent towards the target.


Scanner & optics

It directs and focuses the laser beams and collects the reflected light.



It captures and converts the reflected light into electrical signals.



They track the position and orientation of the LiDAR sensor.


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Capabilities of LiDAR

LiDAR is significantly used in scientific, research and military fields, it has made inroads into more consumer-focused applications. This new range of applications has extended its utility beyond large-scale industrial and scientific use.

High Precision Mapping

LiDAR can create highly accurate maps and models of terrain, buildings, and other objects useful for various applications.

3D Modeling

LiDAR data can be used to create detailed three-dimensional models of landscapes, buildings, and other structures.

Vegetation Mapping

LiDAR can penetrate vegetation canopies to accurately map the terrain beneath. This is useful for precise measurement of canopy height, density, and structure.

Flood Mapping

LiDAR can be used to create accurate floodplain maps by measuring terrain elevation with high precision.

Infrastructure Monitoring

LiDAR can monitor the infrastructure conditions like bridges, roads, etc., by detecting deformations or other structural damages.

Autonomous Vehicles

LiDAR plays a crucial role in enabling autonomous vehicles to navigate safely by providing detailed 3D maps of the surroundings.

Smartphones & Tablets

Recent smartphones and tablets have begun integrating LiDAR sensors, primarily to improve photography and enable augmented reality (AR) features.

Home Automation & Robotics

Today, LiDAR sensors are present in robotic vacuum cleaners and lawn mowers, where they help robots navigate around a home or yard.

Retail & Interior Design

Professionals and homeowners alike are using LiDAR-equipped devices to create detailed and accurate room models.


LiDAR's Role in 3D Mesh Creation

LiDAR is highly capable in capturing precise, high-resolution three-dimensional data from objects and the environment. This makes it a powerful tool to generate 3D meshes. The resulting 3D models offer an accurate representation of the scanned area. These are invaluable for applications in urban planning, environmental monitoring, archeology, autonomous vehicles, and more. LiDAR’s ability to capture complex details and geometries make it vital for generating reliable and detailed 3D meshes. Thus, it facilitates enhanced visualization, analysis, and decision-making across various fields.

Integration with Other Technologies

LiDAR is often combined with other technologies such as radar, cameras, and infrared sensors to create more robust detection and mapping systems. For example, in autonomous vehicles, integrating LiDAR with radar and cameras can compensate for each technology’s weaknesses, such as LiDAR’s sensitivity to atmospheric conditions or cameras’ difficulties in low-light scenarios. Similarly, combining LiDAR with geographic information systems (GIS) and other mapping technologies enhances data accuracy and utility.

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ChicMic & It’s Work With LiDAR

ChicMic is at the forefront of technology and development, continuously churning out innovative solutions left and right. Our team is constantly working in LiDAR to find new ways to implement this tech and play our role in contributing to a brighter future.

3D Meshing With LiDAR

Today, LiDAR is an integral part of creating 3D mesh models. Meanwhile, our team is working on creating indoor mapping and meshing solutions. A brief explanation of how it works: 


Data Collection

The sensors in LiDAR systems record the time it took for each pulse to return. Further calculations measure the distance between each point and LiDAR device.


Generating Point Cloud

A point cloud consists of millions of points where each represents a coordinate. Collectively, these represent the surface geometries of the scanned subject.


Processing Point Cloud

Before we create a 3D mesh, we process the point cloud data to remove noise, classify points, and interpolate points to fill gaps.


Mesh Generation

This involves connecting the points in the cloud with edges, forming polygonal faces in the triangulation process to form a 3D mesh.


Real-time Object Detailing With LiDAR

Real-time object detailing with LiDAR involves capturing, processing, and visualizing detailed 3D representations of objects or environments in real-time.


Real-time LiDAR Data Acquisition

Utilize LiDAR sensors to capture high-resolution point cloud data in real-time. These sensors should be mounted on a solid platform like a drone.


Point Cloud Processing

Implement algorithms for real-time processing of the raw LiDAR data to generate a detailed point cloud representation of the objects or environment being scanned.


Object Detection and Recognition

Implement real-time object detection and recognition algorithms to identify objects within the point cloud data. This may use machine learning techniques.


Object Detailing and Reconstruction

After object detection and classification, algorithms create detailed 3D models in real-time. This may involve surface reconstruction, and texture mapping.


Our Work

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3D Room Plan

Capture Every Detail, Plan With Precision

3D Room Plan is a cutting-edge app that empowers users to capture every detail of their space with precision and ease. Utilize LiDAR technology to create an accurate 3D representation of the room, enabling a unique perspective for room planning.

LiDAR, Xcode, Figma, Swift
App Store

3D Room Plan


3D Room Plan

Our Application of LiDAR-Based 3D Meshing

3D Room Plan is a cutting-edge app that empowers users to capture every detail of their space with precision and ease. Utilize LiDAR technology to create an accurate 3D representation of the room, enabling a unique perspective for room planning.

With 3D Room Plan, users have the power to reconstruct and save their scanned view. This allows them to enhance the 3D scan by replacing actual items like chairs, tables, etc. with just one click. It empowers users to experiment with different furniture layouts and design ideas, giving them full control over their space.

Furthermore, the app provides comprehensive editing capabilities that users can employ to customize their captured room completely. Whether you want to move, rotate, resize, change color, texture, or add/delete items, these intuitive editing tools make it easy to realize your vision.


3D Room Plan

LiDAR Development Services

We’re constantly working, improving and expanding our LiDAR services to cater to businesses across the industries.

LiDAR Data Processing & Analysis

Provide expertise in processing raw LiDAR point cloud data, including noise removal, point classification, feature extraction, and terrain modeling.

LiDAR Integration Services

Integrate LiDAR technology into existing software systems or hardware platforms, ensuring seamless compatibility and functionality.

LiDAR Mobile App Development

Create mobile applications that utilize LiDAR sensors in smartphones and tablets for augmented reality (AR), indoor navigation, 3D scanning, and other innovative features.

LiDAR Data Visualization & Rendering

Design and develop interactive 3D visualization solutions to visualize LiDAR-derived 3D models, and point clouds for various industries.

LiDAR Research & Development (R&D)

Conduct R&D projects to explore advanced LiDAR technologies, algorithms, and applications, aiming to push the boundaries of innovation.

Smart Homes & IoT integration

Create LiDAR-enabled smart home systems to map and understand home environments. Integrate LiDAR sensors with IoT devices to enhance functionalities.


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We built a react native app for both iOS and android. I enjoyed working on this react native project together. He provided reliable and fast work as well as helpful advice on how to structure the app, adjust libraries and fulfill various requirements. Communication and availability was generally good and prompt. Would work together in the future.


Fantastic work from ChicMic. They did the work to exact specifications and gave me great suggestions as well. They are highly skilled developers and I highly recommend them.


Hired ChicMic to build a very complex mobile app for Amazon sellers. They built the app from the ground up using React Native. They saw the project through until the end and were attentive to all my requests and suggestions. Very good work.


Very talented programmer. Good communication. Always delivers high quality results and respects the deadlines. I strongly recommend.


It has been a great overall experience working with the team at ChicMic. The quality of work is top notch and they put in their level best in helping us to launch the project within short time frame. Although there was a little issue with the full understanding on the requirements, it was quickly resolved. Will definitely consider working with them again.


Good experience! Willing to help you until everything is perfect.

Costa Rica

The ChicMic team is an awesome group of designers and developers. I’ve used them for a couple projects and will continue to use them!


They are a group of hardworking individuals and they will almost everything to help you out with your project. Whether you need more time to think about things or need input, they are always there. They are always in constant communication with you and will do what you need them to do.


Professional, work completed in a timely manner and easy to communicate with. Would recommend to others for Mobile.


Fantastic all round attitude, clear communication, and always willing to go the extra mile. ChicMic provided what was requested, and we are more than satisfied with the outcome.

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We do not re-use your proprietary algorithms, license keys, trade secrets, trademarks, patented processes with any other party. But, for an ideal authoring code producing process, we make use of our own & third-party open source libraries to reduce complexity & cut down the development time. This will save you from paying for things that can be produced in the shortest time duration with better quality.

We strive to deliver a valuable product to clients with different project ideas. In general, we have a common set of steps for all projects which includes Requirement Gathering, UI/UX Design, Prototype, App Development, Quality Assurance, Deployment, Support & Maintenance. But, for every unique project, we have a unique approach. Our project development approach may vary based on the type & scope of the project.

With regards to ownership rights, since our engagement is Work for Hire and we are getting paid for our services, you completely own all the IP related to the app developed. You own the bespoke source code that we write for you.

Well, the different time zones have never stopped us working with the clients from all over the world. However, all of our development work is done by our team during our working hours. We do understand there might be situations where you want us available during your time zone. Therefore, to make it convenient, it would be great to schedule dedicated time in advance. This will let our concerned team streamline the rest of the tasks accordingly.

The technology stack your apps will be based on completely depends on the platform for development & client’s preference. We are experts in developing apps for Android and iOS using the latest frameworks & programming language such as for iOS native apps, Xcode IDE with Objective C and Swift, for Android native apps, Android Studio with Java and Kotlin and for cross platform apps, Visual Studio Code with Javascript whereas for backend PHP & Node.js is used with SQL & NoSQL database.

Yes, we upload your apps to app store & we do it at free of cost.

Yes, we have a team of React Native developers who develop cross-platform apps compatible with all platforms like iPhone, iPad and Android.

Yes, we do not have any problem working with your designs as long as you assure the effectiveness & quality of the designs. If you have a team of designers then you can simply hire us for programming only. But if your designs will not meet our standards, then we will be honest.

Yes, definitely we would love to work with your technical team. A collaboration with your team members will help both get to know each other’s requirements in detail. This will improve the quality of our app development process & help you know our technical strength.

We are experts in designing for both 2D graphics & 3D models. For 2D graphics, our designers use a combination of software including Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch, Affinity and Corel Suites to create a stunning visualisation. In addition, we’ve a team of 3D Animators that use software like Autodesk Maya, Zbrush & Substance Brush for all genre of apps.

The metaverse is an interpretation of the internet that we interact with using a digital avatar – a digital interpretation of ourselves. So, you could suppose it as a virtual world representing the internet – you explore the internet with an avatar. Metaverse is basically a vision of how our future generations will explore the internet in the way they could not do it in the real world.

NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) are blockchain based tokens which represent a unique asset which can be a piece of art, digital content like music and even physical asset. It is a kind of certificate of ownership

NFTs are unique and cannot be replaced by any other identical asset whereas a fungible token like Bitcoin can be replaced by another identical asset.

NFTs can be bought from the marketplaces specifically designed for NFTs. Some of the most popular ones are OpenSea, Axie Marketplace, Rarible, etc. NFTs are bought using cryptocurrency out of which ETH is the most popular.

Yes, you can create your own NFTs and sell them for profit. Creation of an NFT and then listing them for sale on the marketplaces are some of the services that ChicMic provides. Please get in touch for more details.

Possibilities are endless in the metaverse both for the consumers and the businesses.
For consumers:

  • Explore the Metaverse
  • Create customizable avatars
  • Buy virtual lands or digital assets (NFTs)
  • Trade or sell virtual assets
  • Socialize and network
  • Build own VR experience
  • Play games to earn (P2E)

For businesses:

  • Own virtual Shops
  • Sell products
  • BHost virtual events