Want to give your child a game based learning experience? Get developed a game like KUBE.

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  • KUBE

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  • Description

    With an aim to revisualize education, our client hired us for his Ed-Tech-Sci organisation to develop an application that facilitates education. To come up with a great app, our developers at ChicMic developed Kube. This is one of the trending AR based educational game boxes that feature pioneering technology to build a variety of 20 skills of your child. Based on advanced educational approaches such as Gamification, 3D Visualization, Augmented Reality and Assessment Architecture, this app is a great solution for parents to shape their kid’s critical & logical reasoning skills.

    How KUBE Works?

    • Simply download the app on your iOS or Android devices
    • Sign up with your Facebook, Google+ or Email ID
    • Fill the basic information. Existing users can simply login by using their preferred registered accounts
    • The app provides a model initially for a demo to get familiar with the game. But the parents need to purchase a booklet for an interactive experience
    • In Kude menu, activate Scan to view images of monuments/animals in the given book in 3D
    • Parents can only add up to 3 children to scan the images in the book
    • Once the images are successfully detected, a 3D model of scanned images appears on the screen
    • Press the lock mode & pinch out/ in enlarge/reduce. Plus rotate to view from 360 angles to read all the details about the objects
    • KUBE also involves a quiz competition to boost your kid’s confidence & enhance visualization
    • Scoreboard helps children to measure performance & keep a check on a level of improvement
    • To enjoy, click a selfie & share with friends & family



  • Technology Stack
    Technology Stack
    • Supported Platforms: iOS, Android
    • Technology: Unity
    • Programming Language: C#
    • IDE: MonoDevelop
    • SDKs: Vuforia
    • Native Sharing
    • Facebook Integration
    • Google SDK for Login
  • Screenshot