Want an app to survey about the laundry habits of users? Get the one like Laundry App.

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Laundry App is designed in a smart way to know more about the laundry habits of people. Based on standard web technologies, the Laundry App is created featuring MCQs to take a test for evaluating how household laundry is done. It is a software which collects users data in a fun manner. With a responsive web designate app ensures the best user experience. To let people know how to get their laundry done, the laundry app is a reliable choice with game elements. The game consists of a set of questions to be answered to find out your laundry choices in real life. In general, a laundry app is a way to do a survey to encourage users.

How it works

Laundry App is an example of gamification that engages the users & provide them with a complete overview of their washing & cleaning habits. The game progresses with a set of questions with multiple options to choose from. For the smooth transition of the questions, the user will have to select its gender & age first.
Apart, the game asks you an estimated percentage of household laundry that you personally do in a typical week. Additionally, the Laundry App introduces you with a number of questions that you need to pay attention to when planning your laundry. The sorting game in the app begins by clicking on the piles. From this step till the end, the game will have the same UI as a background. Simply create desired piles, name them to drag & drop the clothes accordingly. You can also relocate the clothes from one pile to another. Information key will help you review the clothes details. The discard list contains the clothes that you found irrelevant. From wash setting to water temperature you can set everything for your load. Once you are done with your washing choices, tick your confidence level from the options given. Rate your experience for being “Easy & Fun to Complete” & “A Good Representation of How I Make Laundry Choices in Real Life”. Lastly, indicate your willingness to participate in similar studies in the future.

Questionnaire Samples


Exclusive Features

  • Easy to use Laundry web game
  • Fully Responsive Layout
  • Unique Set of Questions
  • Multiple Animations
  • Visual Gratification

Sorting Exercise


Technology Stack

  • Developed for Web
  • Developed using Cocos2d-JS & HTML for front-end development
  • CSS for styling
  • Admin Panel: Angular 5
  • Backend: Node.js Version 8+
  • Database: MongoDB, Mongoose ( To connect MongoDB and perform queries )
  • Docker Compose Deployment Services
  • Survey-Based API