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  • Le Passe Trappe

  • Description

    Developed for a client, Le Passe Trappe is the most interesting board game. This fun dexterity game is designed for all ages. We, at ChicMic, turned client’s idea of developing a user-friendly game into reality. Le Passe Trappe is simple to play & understand. Every time you play, you lose or win coins. The players’ stats in the game involves all the information like Player Level, Games Played, Games Won & Win Percentage. In-App Purchases in the game allows the players to shop for coins in terms of Stack, Pile, Wallet, Stash, Heap & Vault.

    How To Play Le Passe Trappe?

    • Simply Login with Facebook or Email
    • If you are a new user then Sign Up or Play as Guest
    • Once you are done, set your profile & add image or avatar. Each player will have his/her Unique game Id to share with friends
    • Le Passe Trappe involves three modes to begin with i.e Player Vs Computer, Play 1 on 1 or Play with Friends
    • Each mode is further divided into different levels & tables
    • The game is all about moving the disks toward Bungee
    • The player simply uses the Bungee to launch the disk on his side through the gate.
    • The one who successfully clears his/her side becomes the winner
  • Technology Stack
    Technology Stack
    • Technology: Cocos2d-x 3.16 version
    • Programming language: C++
    • Backend: Node.js, Box2D JS
    • Remote Physics JS
    • Multiplayer Engine: AppWarp
    • IDE: Xcode
    • In-App Purchases
    • Server Deployment: AWS
    • Push Notification using FCM
  • Screenshot
    • Le Passe Trappe
    • Le Passe Trappe
    • Le Passe Trappe
    • Le Passe Trappe
    • Le Passe Trappe
    • Le Passe Trappe
    • Le Passe Trappe
    • Le Passe Trappe