Want to build a data-driven app to track your photos? Let’s build similar to PhotoStats!

Built for iOS & Android | Technology JavaScript & CSS | Industry Photo & Video | Client Australia

5 Star
Get an app that can help you better organize find, and understand what's in your photos.

Clicking photos is not enough. To know everything about your Photo data, PhotoStats, a photo tracker app is a right tool available on App & Google Store. An Australian client shared his idea of developing a smart & robust application with a capability to track the photos without cloud.


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Each photo of you holds a story & to help you easily access the photo data, the concept of PhotoStats app is introduced. For the better visualisation, the app depicts the breakdown of the photos.

Exclusive Features

  • Compatible with iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch
  • Ease to get & visualize your data
  • Auto-Tagging & Auto-Labeling Feature
  • Seamlessly Export Full Data in CSV & JSON
  • Enable & Disable Day Settings
  • Instant tracking of history & photos’ meta-data
  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly Data Visualization via Charts & Analysis
  • Track Record of Photos Per Day,On-Device, Total, Deleted & Screenshots


We find the idea unique which involves the development of photo app far from clicking & posting but to keep & store your photo data. Giving a meaning & accessibility to your photos was the prime concern, that results in Quantified Self Tracking App. PhotoStats app works based on two goals:

  • Tracking & Storing the meta-data on photos
  • Understanding & visualisation of photos data

Technology Stack

  • Developed for iOS & Android
  • Programming Language: JavaScript, CSS
  • Framework: React Native
  • Backend: Redux-Persist for Local Storage
  • React-Native CameraRoll API
  • React-native-exif Library for Extensive Information
  • Integrated Crashlytics framework using react-native-fabric
  • Native-base used for React Native UI Component
  • D3 & react-native-path-js-charts for Analysis
  • React-native-calendar for filtering data & date selection
  • Google Vision APIs for Photography
  • JavaScript Library Redux, used for managing application state