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  • Description

    SelectLeague, a US-based client project was to create a website for gaming to showcase your leagues with scores & standings. The idea to build this exclusive social networking style website involves bringing users & fans on one platform. With an ambition of making a networking platform, the team at ChicMic created a product to connect with the different users. This E-commerce website is not less than a fantasy league that gives users a competitive reality game social platform to start your team & get followers.

    SelectLeague is not limited to Sports, it covers everything you think of.

    How Does SelectLeague Work?

    This amazingly built website enables the users to begin your own Real Franchise Brand. The ease to create Profiles helps Teams in SelectLeague to exhibit their interest & likings via ideas, photos & views. To engage the teams creatively, the competition is set between the teams in the same league as per the rankings. The free version comes with a limitation of 1 vote a day, but the user can shop for 2 to 5 votes by obtaining the full version of SelectLeague.
    One team can be made at one time by the user, if in case you wish to create more teams, then you will be charged. SelectLeague involves 24 hours gameplay for each team in each League. Initially, 14 games i.e 14 pairs of teams compete with each other for 27 days to get votes & likes from their fans. To represent the Win, Draw or Loss, the points are set as 3, 1 & 0. Based on votes, after the 27th day, the teams are ranked & paired for the playoff games & matches. Between the teams with the same points, the team selection is done based on:

    • Greater Number of points in the matches
    • Greater Total number of votes in the season
    • Which Team is created first
    • Drawing of lots by the SelectLeague software system

    Playoffs are played in L1, L2, L3 and L4, but not in the Conference League. Playoffs determine the Champion of the particular League and the Teams that will shift to the superior League, but Playoffs don’t have any effect on the point calculation for the regular season Standings. The teams bound for the Playoffs are highlighted in golden color and the Playoffs are played as follows: (i) for the months with 31 days (as there are 4 extra days after the 27 days of the “regular” Season) – Day 28 – Round of 16, Day 29 – Quarter-finals, Day 30 – Semi-finals and Day 31 – Final. In the “Round of 16” Team1 will play with Team16, T2-T15, T3-T14, T4-T13, etc. The same for the next rounds the team with the best ranking plays the team with the lowest and so forth. The best 8 teams (those that qualify for the Quarter-finals) will advance for the next superior League for the next Season; (ii) for the months with 30 days (as there are only 3 extra days) there will be no “Round of 16”, but only Quarter-finals, Semi-finals and Final; (iii) for the months with 29 days – Semi-finals and Final; (iv) for the months with 28 days there will be only final, still 8 teams advance to the next superior League (the 2 finalists + the 3rd-8th place teams during the regular Season). If two teams tie in a Playoff game, the team that ranked better in the regular Season wins.

    • Conference: No Games/ Matches or Pair of Teams
    • Standings: Votes collected at the start & end of the season by each team

    Check out the Rules Before You Begin With

    • The process of Team creation is handled by the user itself
    • Only one team can be created by one user
    • A user can get an access to team’s profile page plus one vote on a daily basis
    • Once a team is created, for next time the user will have to look for in-app purchases
    • A team name & team colour can be selected as per the user’s choice.
    • Each new team will be assigned to the League 1 i.e. the highest possible league
    • The teams for the competition will be selected based on the maximum votes

    General Points

    • Easily upload Images to your profile & add a caption
    • Instantly switch between different leagues
    • Update Scores & Upload Team Logo
    • Add Records & Rankings
  • Key Features
    Key Features
    • Pain-Free Login
    • Effective Team Profile Creation By User
    • Rank Based Team Pairing
    • Access to Team’s Profile Page
    • Effortlessly follow games in a free version
    • One Free Vote Per Day
    • In-Game Vote Purchase
    • Fast Scheduling
    • Ease to post Comments, Photos & Links to video
    • Ad Removal in Full Version
    • Unlimited Teams Per User Account
    • In-App Purchase for New Team
    • First Come First Serve Team Assignment
    • 4 Leagues: L1, L2, L3, L4 & Conference
    • Real-Time Standings Updation in the Conference
    • Standings Update in the League at the End
  • Technology Stack
    Technology Stack
    • Developed in PHP
    • Front-end Technology used HTML5, CSS3 & jQuery
    • Website Development Framework: CodeIgniter
    • MySQL database used for dynamic data
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