Want to develop an innovative technology product like TRXpay for smarter & secure payments?

Built For iOS | Technology Objective-C | Industry Finance

iOS app development


Working closely with our client, the developers beautifully crafted TRXpay to streamline & fasten the payment processing. To add value to the transaction system, TRXpay is designed featuring a secure payment gateway, mobile & online ordering, stored value cards, rewards, loyalty program & more. TRXpay, a mobile for the Merchants & Consumers delivers value-added solutions to help get an easy access to the Most Used features such as Credit Card/Sale & Gift Card/Redeem.
Robust Payment Solution For Merchants, Corporate Campus, Contract Food Service, College & University Hospitality & Lodging


How TRXPay Works?

TRX Payment App lets the user experience a new look with high-quality UI interface. To save time & efforts, the app is developed in a way to bring everything at your convenience. Divided into two screens, the services like Logs, tip Wizard, Clerk Management, Help & Settings are listed on the second screen in the app.

The app involves plenty of theme packs, easy to set color scheme & icons. In addition, the new profile engine in the app is designed to provide innovative new features to the merchants. Moreover, a Callback feature allows the integrators to post the order status to the Webhook address to update the POS system. For a convenient merchant experience with Slingshot, the app comes with the latest feature i.e. Push Notifications. A simple push notification wakes the device automatically, taking the clerk to the “process” option by entering the ID in the TRXpay app.


Technology Stack

  • Developed for iOS
  • Fiori Analytics added for Uses tracking
  • Crashlytics for Real-Time Crash Reporting & Alerts
  • Payment devices integrated
  • Local Database
  • Company Banner
  • IDE: Xcode
  • Programming Language: Objective-C
  • Local Database Language: SQLite

Exclusive Features

  • Modern User Interface
  • Payment Types: Credit Card, Cash, SlingShot, Loyalty, Gift & Campus Card
  • Available on iOS, Amazon & Google Play Store
  • New Device Integrations
  • Secure Mobile Payments
  • Branding Customization options
  • New Profile Engine
  • Callbacks for Real-Time Payment Updates