A Brief Introduction

HustleInk is a platform to link tattoo artists to their clients. The artists can sign up and put up their work, pricing and time slots for the clients to choose from. Then the client chooses from a number of artists and the type of work they want can also be decided via chat…


Challenges That We Faced at the Start

Crafting an app for clients and tattoo artists posed challenges met with innovative solutions.

Many-to-Many Payments:

Embarking on the challenge of incorporating many-to-many payments in our app, catering to both clients and tattoo artists, was no small feat.


Appointment Management:

This aspect of the app development process demanded intricate problem-solving to ensure a smooth and user-friendly experience for both clients and artists.


Our Solution

In the journey of our dual-sided app, the team showcased exceptional dedication. Revolutionizing payments and perfecting appointment management, each feature reflects our collaborative spirit. Join us in celebrating these efforts as we redefine the landscape of digital booking. The team took the following steps and solutions to make the app better

  • Revolutionizing Payments with Personalized Security Keys

    Powered by the Stripe SDK, these ephemeral keys seamlessly handle payments within the app, specifically addressing the intricacies of many-to-many relations.

  • Dynamic Appointment Management through Continuous Syncing

    Unveiling a realm of precision, we tackle updates, deletions, and additions with finesse to guarantee users access the latest and most precise appointment details.

Excellent features that shape HustleInk application

Our developers studied market status and audience response to understand and create a one-of-a-kind solution. Each feature adds to the app's quality and creates a cohesive environment. This enables users to interact with HustleInk and exploit its capabilities freely.

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    User Registration And Profiles

    Both client and artist have to sign up differently and are able to login via email, google, facebook and apple. They need to verify their phone number while signing up.

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    For clients, it is normal onboarding whereas for artists, they need to provide slot timings, pricing and their sample art work which will be displayed in the app corresponding to their profile.

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    Payments can be made from within the app to the artist or the client can choose to pay later at the artist’s place

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    Chat functionality is provided for better interaction between client and the artist. They can discuss the art in detail and artists can make offers from within the chat, which can be accepted or rejected by the user.

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    Search Artists

    Artists can be searched on the basis of the locale using the maps location and filter as per the location.


The Services We Provided

Our team put a lot of creativity and innovation into developing HustleInk. We used our best skills and knowledge to make the app really stand out. Our main aim was to make it better than other similar apps and to make sure it works well for all kinds of users. We wanted to create a product that not only meets but exceeds the expectations of a wide range of users.

ui-ux services
UI/UX Design
ui-ux services
App Development
ui-ux services
Quality Assurance
Deploy services
Project services
Project Management
maintain services

Project Milestones We Achieved

The team put up a massive effort to create innovative solutions for the app that would further be applied in future app development.

Requirement Gathering

We engaged in a detailed collaboration with the client to gain a deep insight into their specific needs and visions for the app.


1 Week

Team Members

Business Analyst and QA

App Designing (Web & Mobile)

Our design team crafted visually stunning and distinctive interfaces and layouts, ensuring the app's aesthetic appeal and uniqueness.


2-3 Weeks

Team Members

Ui & UX Designers,BA

App Development

The development team meticulously assembled each component and feature of the app, adhering strictly to the project timeline.


4-5 Months

Team Members

Expert Developers, Designers

App Testing

Our quality assurance team conducted extensive testing on every aspect of the app, ensuring its readiness and reliability for market launch.


1 Month

Team Members

QA, Developers ,BA , Project Manager

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Tech Stack

Our dedicated team invested substantial effort and ingenuity in meticulously crafting the Hustle Ink app, leveraging our top-tier expertise and profound insights. Our paramount objective was to transcend the competition by ensuring the app’s seamless functionality for a diverse user base. Our aspiration was to deliver a product that not only fulfils user needs but surpasses them with elegance and sophistication in every aspect.

UI/UX Design

Our design team employed tools like Figma and Adobe Photoshop to develop an interface that's both visually appealing and straightforward to navigate.

  • Figma
  • Creative Cloud


Our skilled iOS developers harnessed Swift and the iOS SDK to deliver a high-quality iOS application.

  • Swift
  • iOS SDK


Our skilled web developers harnessed PHP to deliver a high-quality website.

  • PHP
  • MS Visual Studio Code


The backend team worked with PHP to build a fast, scalable backend system, ensuring the app's performance keeps up with increasing user needs.

  • Socket Chat

The Result

Hustle Ink is one stop for ink lovers to unite, interact and grow the tattoo community. It is the perfect platform to follow your favorite tattoo artists or book an appointment with them and pay them after the session – It’s all there! Hustle Ink is a dedicated place for tattoo lovers to exchange ideas and new ink trends. Read blogs of renowned tattoo artists, understand what’s new in the industry, or share your thoughts; Hustle Ink offers everything.

For iOS
iOS 15.8 +
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For Android
Android 8.0 +
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