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Private Messaging for a Secure Digital World

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A Brief Introduction

Mejhool Private Messaging is a Decentralized web and mobile app with text messaging, peer-to-peer file transfer, and voice-over-IP service. It allows users to send text, make voice and video calls, and share files – images, documents, emojis, HZM stickers, and many more while keeping the client’s privacy intact.


Challenges That We Faced at the Start

The client required us to create a decentralized and secure communication that would eliminate the need for a central server to control all messages. The client also wanted end-to-end encryption among their early requirements to ensure complete security on all communication channels. While the project concept is intriguing, it poses several challenges for the team.

Develop a decentralized communication app

Currently, there is a limited number of decentralized communication platforms available in the market. It meant the team had to start with a clean slate and make a fresh app layout (design and development).


File transfer between channels

Since the app will be decentralized, transferring files between different channels/users posed an uphill task for the team. In contrast, file transfers between users on regular apps happen through the central server.


Our Solution

We focused on creating a robust decentralized communication system, achieved through a combination of Waku and Matrix protocols. These enable smooth chatting across web and mobile platforms, allowing users to connect anytime, anywhere. Since a decentralized app must offer security with high interoperability, the team ensured complete end-to-end encryption. Meanwhile, the design team spent time creating a coherent design that integrated functionality with a sound user experience.

  • Real-time Communication

    The team utilized WebRTC technology to enable high-quality audio/video calls similar to apps like WhatsApp. It allowed users to engage in crystal-clear conversations every time.

  • Message Storage and Management

    We integrated WatermelonDB to provide lightning-fast local database operations. It allowed data to be stored locally to speed up retrievals and offer an extra security layer.

  • Platform Security and Privacy

    We implemented the Diffie-Hellman algorithm, a robust cryptographic technique, to ensure high security and give users peace of mind while interacting within the app.

  • Multi-Wallet Login

    With multi-wallet login functionality, users can use their preferred wallet to log in, enjoying a seamless Single Sign-On (SSO) experience.

  • File Transfer

    The team implemented PeerJS to enable full peer-to-peer file transfers. It ensures exclusive file accessibility to the intended recipient without storing, thus maintaining privacy and security.

Excellent Features that Shape Mejhool

Our developers studied market status and audience response to understand and create a one-of-a-kind solution. Each feature adds to the app's quality and creates a cohesive environment. This enables users to interact with Mejhool and exploit its capabilities freely.

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    Text, Voice, and Video Calls

    Users can connect with others through crystal-clear voice and video calls or send text messages that are always private and secure.

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    End-to-end Encryption

    Your messages, calls, and shared content are protected by robust end-to-end encryption, so only you and your intended recipients can access them.

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    Media Sharing

    Share photos, audio, videos, and documents with ease, knowing your files are safe from prying eyes.

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    Mejhool operates on a decentralized architecture, utilizing multiple independent servers/nodes for enhanced security and zero downtime.

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    No Central Authority

    There's no central authority in control of your data. Mejhool ensures your privacy by distributing control among participants in the network.

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    Trustless System

    You don't need to trust a central entity with your privacy. Mejhool's trustless system guarantees that your data remains private and secure.

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    Group Chats

    Users can use the QR code to join groups and interact with other users seamlessly.

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    Disappearing Messages

    Set messages to automatically disappear after a specified time, ensuring your conversations are brief.

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    Personalized Groups

    Customize group details, including images, names, ringtones, and mute conversations as needed.

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    The team introduced a sophisticated chatbot akin to GPT-4 to elevate user interactions. It is aimed to enrich conversations and make them more engaging and dynamic.

The Services We Provided

The team required an out-of-the-box thought methodology when working on Mejhool. We employed our world-class services to bring out the best in the app and create a market-leading product to serve the masses.

ui-ux services
UI/UX Design
ui-ux services
App Development
ui-ux services
Quality Assurance
Deploy services
Project services
Project Management
maintain services

Project Milestones We Achieved

The team put up a massive effort to create innovative solutions for the app that would further be applied in future app development.

Requirement Gathering

The developers sat with the Mejhool team to understand the project objectives and vision.


1 Month

Team Members

Business Analyst and QA

App Designing (Web & Mobile)

The design team got to work, creating engaging interface designs and layouts unlike anything in the market.


2-3 Weeks

Team Members

UI & UX Designers,BA

App Development

As the work began, the developers built various aspects and features within the deadline.


3 Months

Team Members

Expert Developers, Designers

App Testing

The QA team thoroughly tested every aspect our developers built to ensure it was market-ready.


1 Month

Team Members

QA, Developers ,BA , Project Manager

Mejhool: Redefining Messaging Apps

Security and Privacy

Mejhool relies on robust cryptographic techniques to ensure impenetrable security and absolute privacy. Security in a decentralized app is a crucial aspect given the unique nature of decentralized systems. It is a multifaceted challenge requiring a comprehensive approach, incorporating blockchain technology, smart contract development, identity management, encryption, user education.

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mejhool encryption

End-to-End Encryption

Communication services employ end-to-end encryption to ensure that messages are encrypted in such a way that only the intended recipients can decipher them. This means that even the service provider facilitating the communication cannot access the message content. The concept prioritizes message security and privacy while encouraging smoother user interaction.


Decentralization is a paradigm that distributes power and authority across a network of independent nodes. Within a decentralized system, no single entity holds complete control, which mitigates the risks associated with centralized vulnerabilities. This networked structure ensures that even if one node fails or is compromised, the overall system remains functional, preserving its integrity.

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Tech Stack

Our team employed state-of-the-art tools and technologies to create a one-of-a-kind decentralized messaging app. Leveraging the power of Waku, WaterMelon DB, and more, we ensured a seamless user experience, robust security, and a coherent platform. Every line of code and every integration reflects our commitment to excellence and innovation in app development.

UI/UX Design

With a keen eye for user experience, our designers intricately wove together functionality and aesthetics to create an immersive delight.

  • Figma
  • Creative Cloud

Mobile App

Our Android team embarked on a mission to redefine the mobile app landscape. They relied on the latest tech to create a stable native app.

  • Android Studio
  • React Native
  • X-Code

Web App

Our talented team has delved deep into the world of web app innovation to craft a web solution that goes beyond the ordinary.

  • React.JS
  • WaterMelonDB


We dived headfirst into backend development, architecting digital foundations that would shape the app.

  • Node.js
  • MongoDB

The Result

Mejhool is a unique messaging platform developed on a decentralized architecture to ensure complete security. Today, Mejhool is at the forefront of the Web 3.0 revolution, allowing users to interact seamlessly with Ethereum and Blockchain technology. The underlying decentralized principles help avoid the risks of third-party data breaches and advocate secure peer-to-peer communication.

For iOS
iOS 15.8 +
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For Android
Android 8.0 +
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