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HZM Pool

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A Brief Introduction

HZM Pool is an easy-to-play, online multiplayer pool game for all ages. The simple controls and real-life pool game physics with stunning animations makes it one of the best gaming experiences on smartphones.


Unleash Your Pool Skills

HZM Pool is an exciting world to test and master your strokes. A highly addictive game that challenges all kinds of players. It’s time to sharpen your pool strategy and strokes to win over your opponents in ‘1 vs. 1’ matches. Or, you can participate in tournaments to strive your way through experienced players to win big prizes. You can even invite your friends to play some friendly matches.

Play Friendly Matches With Friends

Players can now enjoy a friendly joust during their free time. Once they accept your invitation, enjoy endless fun and sharpen your pool skills together.


Test Your Skills in ‘1 vs 1’

You can play ‘Player vs Player’ matches in different arenas to hone your skills. Win matches consistently to level up and improve your stats.


Play In Tournaments To Win Big

Players can participate in regular tournaments and compete with players worldwide to win big prizes. Once you win a tournament, you'll need a MetaMask ID for the prize transfer.

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HZM pool

The Services We Provided

Our team put a lot of creativity and innovation into developing Tiny Knights. We used our best skills and knowledge to make the game stand out. Our main aim was to make it better than its competitors and ensure it works well for all users. We wanted to create a product that meets and exceeds the expectations of a wide range of users.

ui-ux services
Game Design
ui-ux services
Game Development
ui-ux services
Quality Assurance
Deploy services
Project services
Project Management
maintain services

Level up

Step into the captivating realm of HZM Pool, where skill meets strategy on the billiards table. Prepare to immerse yourself in a world where precision and finesse reign supreme. As players embark on their journey, they're equipped with 5000 HZM coins, ready to challenge opponents and elevate their gameplay. With every victory comes the opportunity to acquire superior cue sticks, enhancing shot precision and efficiency. From thrilling 1vs1 showdowns to exhilarating tournament triumphs, the pursuit of mastery unfolds with each game.

Start Strong

Every player begins their journey with 5000 HZM coins, providing a solid foundation to kickstart their gameplay experience.


Level Up Your Gear

As players progress and win matches, they can level up and invest their HZM coins in purchasing superior cue sticks from the in-game store.


Earn and Grow

Players can earn more HZM coins through different means, including engaging in 1vs1 matches, participating in tournaments, and even watching videos.

HZM Pool

Game UI

Get ready to chalk up your cue and pocket some victories in style with HZM Pool’s exquisite UI.

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Tech Stack

The team dedicated significant effort and ingenuity in crafting HZM Pool, employing our top expertise and insights. Our primary goal was to create a game that breaks the conformity of traditional 2D games and provides a unique gaming experience.


The team aspired to create a mold-breaking 2D game and hence, sought for the best framework.

  • Unity Engine
  • C#


The team stuck to its deadline and delivered an astonishingly beautiful game using the best IDE, and SDK in the industry.

  • Node.js
  • Photon
  • SDK
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