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Mr Cashback

Introducing MrCashback, more than just a platform–it’s a thriving community where players have the chance to recoup their losses but also earn lucrative cashback.

MrCashback is not just a platform, it’s a community of over 12,000 members enjoying casinos together. It offers users a chance to cut back their losses and earn cashbacks on any casino listed with the platform. Earn cashbacks, play regularly, and get a chance to win the bumper prize.

Step 1

Earn points by playing at one or more casinos. You earn 75 points for every casino you receive an approved refund request for.

Step 2

You earn points by getting approved refund requests. You earn 25 points for each approved refund request. So, play your hearts out!

Step 3

You earn 10 points for every €1 you deposit in one or more casinos. The platform calculates the “Total Points” automatically, so you don’t have to calculate them yourself.

Step 4

When the daily competition ends, the five users with the most points will share €1,000 prize pool. A new race will automatically start a minute later, when you can join and play again.

Challenges That We Faced at the Start

MrCashback is a well-rounded platform with a robust security backend that addresses a user’s needs and queries timely. To ensure relevance and future-growth, the client required use to grow its current functionalities so that it could serve different markets worldwide. Here’s a look at some of the requirements that the team had to address.

CMS integration

The client required a CMS integration into the website to create, manage, and publish their content on the site.


Multi-lingual support

With a target to conquer different markets, the client demanded multi-lingual support for successful localization.


Achievement & contest features

Since the idea revolved around providing cashback to users, the platform required achievement and contest features for users.


Our Solution

We addressed the challenges and offered to create distinct solutions for the web app. These would seamlessly integrate with the current website and increase the overall functionality of the platform. With growing popularity of MrCashback, an admin panel would make work management a coherent process. Our commitment to excellence shines through in every aspect of the app, ensuring a tailored and immersive experience for all users.

  • Admin Panel

    We created an admin panel that empowers the client to manage content effortlessly. The panel allows the admin to add or modify page content, and create tasks for users to boost their cashback percentage.

  • Localization

    To ensure the platform supports multiple languages, the team devised a system where each language has a unique identifier. Equipped with geolocation and language dropdown, the users can prefer to view the platform in their chosen language.

Excellent Features that Shape MrCashback

Our developers studied market status and audience response to understand and create a one-of-a-kind solution. Each feature adds to the quality of the app and creates a cohesive environment. This enables users to freely interact with MrCashback and exploit its capabilities.

  • portfolio-icon
    Content Management System (CMS)

    Easily manage the app's content, allowing you to publish new articles, images, and videos effortlessly.

  • portfolio-icon

    Reach a global audience through multiple languages, ensuring a personalized experience for users worldwide.

  • portfolio-icon
    Automated Cashback & Notifications

    Reward users with automated cashback offers and notifications, keeping them engaged and incentivized to return to the app.

  • portfolio-icon
    Scalability & Traffic Management

    Seamlessly handle user traffic increase and activity with our scalable infrastructure and intelligent traffic management solutions.

  • portfolio-icon
    Advanced Security Measures

    Protect user data and privacy with advanced security features, including encryption, authentication, and authorization protocols.


The Services We Provided

The team required an out-of-the-box thought methodology when working on MrCashback. We employed our world-class services to bring out the best in the web app and create a market-leading product to serve the masses.

ui-ux services
UI/UX Design
ui-ux services
Web App Development
QA services
Quality Assurance
Deploy services
Project services
Project Management
Miantain services

Project Milestones We Achieved

The team put up a massive effort to create innovative solutions for the app that would further be applied in future app development.

Requirement Gathering

We worked closely with the client to really understand what they wanted for the app.


5-10 Days

Team Members

Business Analyst and QA

App Designing

Our designers made unique and attractive designs and layouts that make the app stand out.


10-15 days

Team Members

UI & UX Designers,BA

App Development

Our developers carefully put together all the different parts and features of the app, making sure to keep on schedule.


85-95 days

Team Members

Expert Developers, Designers

The Result

MrCashback offers the perfect opportunity for casino goers to earn cashbacks if they lose out big to the house. With a list of high-class casinos, the platform ensures the users get to enjoy their time on the table and easily compensate for their losses. The users can seamlessly create their account and begin with the daily contest and view their tasks to complete. MrCashback is revolutionizing the way we enjoy casinos like never before.

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Tech Stack

Our team employed state-of-art tools and technologies to create a sophisticated and user-friendly app. Leveraging the power of Node.JS and ReactJS, we ensured a seamless user experience, robust functionality, and future-proof scalability. Every line of code and every integration reflects our commitment to excellence and innovation in app development.


We immersed ourselves in frontend development, crafting engaging and intuitive interfaces that define the user experience.

  • ReactJS


We dived headfirst into backend development, architecting digital foundations that would shape the platform.

  • Node.js
  • Mongo DB

Quality Assurance

The quality assurance team spent dedicated hours to test the app thoroughly and share its view with the developers for a perfect app.

  • Selenium
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