officecamp fire

Multiplayer Game designed to bring team together and breaking the ice.

officecamp fire
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How it Works


Pick Your Package

An event manager (an office administrator, team manager or any team member) can select a package, based on his/her requirements, and sign-up.


Add Users

The event manager would login to his/her account, and add the team members in the list of users.


Create Event

The event manager would create an event by selecting a date and time, and grouping the users into different teams.


Play Games

On the event date/time, the users would join the event and play online multi-team/multiplayer games, using the link sent in the email meeting invite.

Play Games

  • Our Market madness game will challenge teams to creative thinking, risk taking & communication.
  • Each team of farmers invests in the production of their crops.
  • Decide your investment for your production, in order to maximize your cash.
  • There are various factors which impacts the production like, weather, economy and foreign production.
  • This game is about how much other teams would produce.
  • The game has multiple rounds and each round lasts for 35-40 mins.

Frequently Asked

  • My game is frozen what to do?
    In case the game freezes due to any reason, please refresh it using your web browser.
  • My video and audio chat is not working. What to do?
    Although the product has an inbuilt video and audio chat feature, in case it doesn’t work for anyone, please use your company’s messaging system with the team players.
  • Play Game with Ice breaker
    These are simple games, played at the start of the event, for breaking the ice within a team, so that team members would know about each other personally. The game include ice breakers like sharing personal fun facts, amusing work related memories, random general questions etc.

Play Game With ICE Breaker


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Office Campfire provides online team building events through fun and strategic, multi-team and multiplayer games designed to bring teams together. It also includes an inbuilt video and audio chat feature.


Technology Stack

  • PHP – Laravel
  • Mysql
  • Jquery
  • Websocket
  • Red5Pro
  • Node
  • Redis server