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A Brief Introduction

YetiText mobile app is the ultimate solution for seamless text messaging and calls directly from your business line hosted with YetiText. Streamline your contact management effortlessly as YetiText integrates seamlessly with your Drip or Active Campaign account, automatically creating and updating contacts.

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Challenges That We Faced at the Start

YetiText has indeed revolutionized business communication, providing individuals and organizations with a powerful tool to streamline interactions and boost productivity. From small startups to large enterprises, businesses across diverse industries have wholeheartedly embraced YetiText as their go-to solution for enhancing communication efficiency. To further amplify this success and cater to a broader audience, the client recognized the need to replicate the seamless experience of the YetiText iOS app for Android users. This expansion aims to democratize access to advanced communication tools, empowering more businesses to unlock their full potential in the digital age.

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Our Solution

We undertook the challenge of developing an app for Android from scratch that integrates all the features of the iOS app. Our main focus was on creating a client communication system that could handle multiple customer interactions and ensure efficient record management.

  • Firebase for chat

    We also worked on introducing the chat feature using Firebase that provided extra functionalities like message scheduling and the ability to store messages for later use.

  • Twilio for voice calls

    The team introduced voice calling features with Twilio offering functionalities like call recording, and speaker controls for the help desk support.

Excellent Features that Shape Yeti Text

Our developers studied market status and audience response to understand and create a one-of-a-kind solution. Each feature adds to the quality of the app and creates a cohesive environment. This enables users to freely interact with YetiText and exploit its capabilities.

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    Chat Features

    Users can share audio, video, contacts and schedule a message to be sent later. They can also save some messages and share them when required.

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    Calling features

    Users can record the calls, along with the basic features like mute mic, speakers, volume, etc.,  enabling smart call management.

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    Task Management

    Tasks are assigned to the user within the app. They can assign the task to others or do it on their own. They can also make a video of the whole work done and share ahead.


The Services We Provided

Our team put a lot of creativity and innovation into developing Yeti. We used our best skills and knowledge to make the app really stand out. Our main aim was to make it better than other similar apps and to make sure it works well for all kinds of users. We wanted to create a product that not only meets but exceeds the expectations of a wide range of users.

ui-ux services
App Development
Project services
Project Management
ui-ux services
Quality Assurance

Project Milestones We Achieved

The team put up a massive effort to create innovative solutions for the app that would further be applied in future app development.

Requirement Gathering

We worked closely with the client to really understand what they wanted for the app.


1-2 Days

Team Members

Business Analyst and QA

App Development

Our developers carefully put together all the different parts and features of the app, making sure to keep on schedule.


15-20 Days

Team Members

Expert Developers, Designers

App Testing

The QA team thoroughly tested every aspect our developers built to ensure it was market-ready.


1 Month

Team Members

QA, Developers ,BA , Project Manager

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Tech Stack

Our team harnessed state-of-the-art technologies to create an app that is both user-friendly and powerful. We focused on developing an application that is intuitive, efficient, and scalable. The careful coding and integration of systems reflect our commitment to achieving excellence in the realm of mobile app development.


Our Android team embarked on a mission to redefine the Android landscape. They relied on the latest tech to create a stable Android app.

  • Kotlin
  • Firebase
  • Android Studio
  • Pusher Beams
  • Twillio (Calls management)

The Result

YetiText stands as the pinnacle of efficient business communication, providing seamless text messaging and call capabilities directly from your business line. With a focus on user convenience, it seamlessly integrates with Drip or ActiveCampaign accounts, simplifying contact management. Looking ahead, our commitment to innovation drives us to replicate this success on the Android platform, ensuring that all businesses can harness YetiText for enhanced communication.

For iOS
iOS 15.8 +
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For Android
Android 8.0 +
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